Selling your Home

There’s a reason nearly 90% of sellers use a listing agent: Selling a home can be a complex process that takes time, knowledge of neighborhood trends, and very specific negotiating skills.
The agent’s chief tasks are to help set the right price and then get buyers in the door. Agents have access to the most up-to-date information about recent sales of comparable homes (“comps”) and competing listings in your neighborhood. With our constantly shifting market, it’s the agent’s job to keep abreast of those changes and offer sound and informed advise.

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Buying a Home

Navigating a real estate purchase is tricky business. The web has made it possible to do a lot of the legwork yourself, but there’s no substitute for an experienced professional. A crack negotiator who knows the market can save you time, money and heartache by helping you make the right offer—playing hardball when necessary—and staying on top of the process.

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Investment Property

Rental properties are a powerful wealth builder because they grow value in three ways: They typically appreciate in value over the long run, they harness the power of debt leverage, and they provide monthly income. Most years the value of your property goes up and your mortgage goes down.

Whether you are looking at a single unit or a multi unit investment, if done correctly, real estate can be one of the best investment strategies for building wealth and security.

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Next Steps...

To receive a comprehensive, no obligation evaluation of the current value of your Home along with some recent comps in your area, send us your address with a short overview of anything that you feel may set your home apart from others in the area and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
Along with our daily routine of visiting and reviewing listings throughout the South Bay, we actually love to do this type of research. We would love the opportunity to assist.